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Some improvements im working in the dog contract, at this time, its not completed, but im working and researching in order to learn how to build a decent contract.

1st challenge is to learn how to manage tables with structs variables has vectors, from my understanding, it is the most simple and decent way to build your tables.

Next days ill be building the erase, modify actions.

2nd challenge is to learn how to insert time stamp or block timestamp on the table:

  • time stamps or block timestamps are need it in order to set future actions once a data has reach certain block or time. (planning to fed the dog with food, dogs can only be fed once or two per day)

3rd challenge is to learn how to build functions to get data from tables, in order to create a table explorer.

any suggestion is greatly accepted, also more contracts and web site to research more about eos smart contracts.
PD: will be all docummented when its finish, so it can be used (if filip aprove it) has another example for academy members.

UPDATE 12/2/2020: modify, erase and erase all has been added.
UPDATE 25/2/2020: time stamp added, no block number for now WHY?.


UPDATE 27/3/2020: been lazy with this, still improving it, im researching mostly the timestamp and time management, i change the hole structure of the contract, opinions would be awesome…

Hi @filip and @ivga80

I did the EOS101+201 course and started working on more complex smart contracts after. But in doing so I found I needed something more comprehensive than EOSStudio and a bit more friendly than running nodeos - like Truffle/Ganache in the Ethereum world.

What do you guys think of TypeScript test environments like:

Do you plan to introduce these kind of environments in the next iteration of the course?

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We are currently working on an update of the EOS courses, but i’m not sure what kind of environments Filip will introduce in the next iteration of the EOS courses. But all suggestions are appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback Ivo!

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