In need of advice on course structure


I am new here on the academy, i am very interested in completely changing my career path with going full time Crypto.

However i have a full time job now, and have no prior experience with coding.
I do have some experience with 3D modelling, Photo and Video. But this cant be compared to coding i think (Visual vs Technical) .

I have about 1 hour to 2 hours every day to study.

My Questions :
-Is there anybody here that once was in the same boat as me?
-And what has been your’e experience on the whole journey?
-Do you think its realistic to change my career path with the 2 hours/day in 3 years?
-Should i first have learned all of the JavaScript and C++, or can one start to learn solidity with only the necessary knowledge about Java and C++

( I have been in crypto for going on 2 years now so i’m not a complete newbie to the space )

Thank you in advance for any good advice i will get. ( I am willing to change my views and goals according to what my elders advice me )

Hope you are having a great day!

Hey Arno!

So, I’m in the middle of ETH Smart Contract Programming 201 right now. I’ve taken the basics courses (Bitcoin 101, ETH 101, etc) plus JavaScript and HTML. I also knew very little about programming except for some college courses 15 years ago (which I had mostly forgotten).

I spend about 6-10 hours a week on courses and it has taken me a couple of months to get this far. 2 hours per day will probably get you here faster.

I think these courses are a great introduction and overview. It gives you the big picture and a framework of what you will need to know. It will still take a lot of study and experience before I feel comfortable developing something on my own. Thinking about starting a fun first project or maybe even doing some free intern work to get a better feel for programming. Anyway, hope this helps! Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

Hey @arno_crypto

I am/was in the same boat.

I’m a single father of 4 and run a business which takes up waaaay too much of my day. So time to sit down and study is often limited to only an hour or so before bed.
But I’ve been chipping away at this course over the weeks.

0 previous programming experience isn’t an issue at all. The course is laid out in a way that it’s really quite easy to follow along at your own pace.
You can even go back to previous lessons if you need a refresher.

The team has designed the course structure so you’re not thrown the deep end, you’ll gain understanding of the language you are about to be learning before being expected to know it. They’ve literally designed the course to teach people with zero coding knowledge.

My advice is allocate half an hour to hour everyday, more if it’s possible. Learning is the same as stacking sats, small amounts regularly stack up to massive amounts over time.

Good luck in your pursuit of going full time crypto :grin: see you around the forum somewhere

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Thank you for your’e reply!

Its nice to hear that there are people that with the same amount of time to spend go from 0 to programming in a couple of months.
For now i have only completed the basics course and the Bitcoin standard course, now i’m taking the Bitcoin 101 next.

However i have looked at all the introductions for courses in my current plan, which is only basic to try everything out. And upon opening the book “Eloquent Javascript, 3rd Edition” i felt a little overwhelmed with my lack of “under the hood knowledge”. Did you feel the same way? I have received no higher education sadly, i am a computer and tech savvy person overall but this worries me just a little.
( Won’t stop me from trying my best! )

Thanks again for the reply, hope to chat with u again when i’m at your’e level of understanding!

Hello Alias,

Thank you for the reply.

Nice to know that another beginner with 0 programming knowledge has had a great experience with the courses.

If i may ask how far along are you with the academy courses?

Looking forward to chatting again in the academy forums! :smile:

It seems we’re at around the same stages @arno_crypto .

So far I’ve completed 5 out of the 20 courses in my study plan.
But I suspect I’ll be adding more courses to my study plan as I progress and as the academy offers them.

I wouldn’t stress too much on the things that look confusing, the forums full of people who are more than happy to help.
Plus there’s no time limit on how long a course must take.
If it takes a bit longer, all good.
We’re still early, so heaps of time to solidify our knowledge and leapfrog into the fastest growing tech of the decade :grin: :rocket: :rocket:

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Thank you @AliasDMT

I also have the feeling i am gonna be completely absorbed in all these courses before long! Having done only 2,5 courses its early to say but… I hope to do them all :laughing:

I will start to SOLIDIFY my knowledge here on the academy :grin:

Thanks for the encouraging responses!
Hope to see you again here on the forums.
Off the the future! :grin: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: