Installing the IDE + Hello World

How would go about installing Code::Blocks for MAC computers ?

Hi, try this:

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For future reference for any beginners you must simply download a FREE App called XCode through your app store of course!

When you start app after you download XCode it will automatically prompt you to use GNU GCC Compiler!

If you are having a hard time with Code::Blocks you can also configure Atom to compile C++ as well (as Code::Blocks is kinda slow, buggy and just not that pretty).

To get Atom configured for C++ development, all one needs to do is go to Atom > Preferences > Install > gpp-compiler and press ‘Install’

Note: ‘gcc’ is still needed for this gpp-compiler plugin, so if that is not yet installed on the machine check out the “Dependencies” section on this page:

Below is the settings screen in Atom where to Install the gpp-compile package:


My terminal is not building and running HelloWorld properly.
I receive this message every time:

Last login: Sun Jun 3 13:07:26 on ttys000
homes-MacBook-Pro:~ homeuser$ /Users/homeuser/Desktop/Ivan Academy/FOR C++/ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH:. /Users/homeuser/Documents/hello/bin/Debug/hello
-bash: /Users/homeuser/Desktop/Ivan: No such file or directory
homes-MacBook-Pro:~ homeuser$

But when using Atom, it Compiles and Runs perfectly! Also very easy to install the GCC Compiler from Welcoming Page

Thanks again @doon for the great recommendation. Appreciate you taking the time to help me grow! #howleadersareborn

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Glad it could help! I too was having issues w/ CodeBlocks (kept crashing on me) so looked for an alternative. Getting Atom configured was much easier than expected. Unsure how well it will work for more complex projects, but for simple ‘console’ based apps it works great.

codeblocks was a problem for me also, became unusable with the constant crashing, I switched to netbeans and have had no issues. I suggest for @ivan to find another alternative, and maybe atom would be a good choice to have one tool for the web section and c++(not sure about other sections, not there yet), I know it would be a lot of work to update, and maybe this is just an issue with the current release of codeblocks and will resolve itself, but if not it may be worth the change.

Typical CODE::BLOCKS installation FAILED on Debian Jessie, this is the way I solved:

1- Download older binaries from here:

2- Execute following commands on the console as root, be sure you are in the path where binaries are:
dpkg -i libcodeblocks0_16.01_amd64.deb
dpkg -i codeblocks-common_16.01_all.deb
dpkg -i codeblocks_16.01_amd64.deb

Hope this help :slight_smile:

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I deleted codeblocks, downloaded xcode, and installed it on my mac. This reinstalled codeblocks. and went through the setup guide in Ivan’s video. I still get this warning. Any advice?