Instant & Feeless— Flash Channels

Have a look! It looks great! :smiley:

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sounds good, but I don’t really get what they’re talking about. reason to dive into the IOTA approach of payments and the tankgle and all that a little more. thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of its usefulness in its current state, while I see the benefits of instant transactions and the small interaction with the blockchian (or blockless chain in the case of Tangle).

In order to use the Flash channel, both parties must deposit an equal amount into the pool, and can then transact based on that pool. Yes, only one party could send coins / tokens / etc. to the other so one is the sender and the other the receiver, it’s the deposit that makes it unclear.

If I want to receive multiple payments for a total of say 10,000 USD then I also need to deposit 10,000 USD in order for the sender to sent the transactions through the flash. Which can mean having to lock in a lot of cash to receive transactions.

It’s a little like the lightning chain approach (due to its limited interaction with the chain) but I fail to see an immediate use for it.