Insurance Tokens. (where & what) $$$$

Insurance Tokens…
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I would like to start a topic on insurance tokens as one its a huge industry and two I hear Ivan start talking about it.

Where are these new gems?
My findings:

Currently, I have not seen or heard much about it, however, you only need to look at the numbers to see it is coming and the big players will be searching for the top company and tokens in this space.

Let me know you thoughts if you have seen any tokens or even if you want to do a crowdfund for a idea.
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The Last time I changed my car insurance I was thinking about this topic as well. As a Blockchain enthusiast I thought it would be great to have a simple car insurance option on the blockchain and based around a token. At that time, I did find PAL as well. Though I don’t believe they had a car insurance option that suited me at the time. I think its a great use for blockchain so I bought a little PAL at that time.

What are your thoughts. Let’s keep this topic going.

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No Medishares whitepaper? Hard to trust an insurance without a detailed rundown…

Etherisc brought up some interesting points on the complexities of insurance, and PAL has interesting tokenomics- it combines PoS and PoA (PoA mechanism yet with incentives of a PoS system, what they call PoSA). Not quite like other masternode based coins, and limits MN’s to 21 (with a 1,000,000 PAL/14 days stake requirement) as supernodes provide an incentivized “pre-verification”. So even if you cannot become a masternode, you can still parttake in verification.

It will be interesting to see where these tokens will go, as providers are everything…

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Where are you guys acquiring PAL?

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Thanks for sharing mr_e

Thinking on PAL I had more hope for DIP have not got any in my bag

Currently but do think insurance is a strong industry that will get blockchain. such as we are seeing with DEFI


you’re right it’s strange that only few projects are working on that huge topic and huge business may be it’s very specific too

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Building a team, to build an insurance cryptocurrency on TRC20

Who would like to join? Looking for Java dev, UX, social media and more

Let’s do this!! Make Ivan proud

Thank you for starting this thread! I have been a marketer of insurance/financial services for 12 years for a top brand in the United States, a subsidiary of Zurich Ins Grp, and there are barriers to things like auto insurance due to the inconsistent regulation from region to region, especially when it comes to personal injury. Starting with something like, mobile phone/tech hardware/business property insurance would be a great way to “learn” in the space with manageable actuarial tables and limited regulatory risk. It is also very relevant to this users already in the space because the type of adoption you need to make something like auto insurance work is quite massive.

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Great Krystell, sorry for the late reply lets have a zoom?