Integration Testing

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You guys have great analogies in this course. I especially liked the integration vs. unit testing with the drawers. Analogies in real life set the learning in a way that words on a page simply cannot.

Those photos were hilarious!!!

I could not stop laughing at the two testing examples! Oh I needed a good laugh during quarantine.


Push the drawer of ikea

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@ivan , Man!!! i absolutely love the examples you gave. The Drawers and the Toilets…fantastic examples. Only you could bring that kind of humour to a geeky programming related topic!

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When do I get to build my Crypto!
OK guys, so this section is about integration testing - so you have done your unit testing and the components are working fine as individual components, but when you combine them in the system they no longer work.
This is why we do integration testing, where you combine components together and test them together - this is how you avoid having two components that are working fine until you put them together and then they don’t work anymore.

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