Introduce yourself

Hey everybody,

My name is Lou, I’m a college student and I’m extremely fascinated with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. After reading Malcolm Gilder’s book “Life After Google” I knew I had to learn more and get involved in the space. I’m glad there’s a community available here for this space because where I am currently in America, there’s not a lot of people to collaborate with.

See you guys around the forum!

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Hi, I am Peter King from Adelaide Australia. Started my own sign manufacturing business [Gigantic Signs] over 33+years ago , now wanting to learn much more about what I am investing in. My interests are Litecoin and Silver - yes, I am a Hodler.

… I also have an interest in the Divi Project. Looking forward to meeting and advancing with other like minded people here.

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Hi all!!! I’m Marcus, I am very new to blockchain. Thank You Ivan for creating this academy. I hope that i can learn from everyone.

Hi :wave: I’m Nathan, a 31 year old British / honorary Aussie (after living 7 years down under) :uk: Entrepreneur with a new found passion for the Crypto Space. A BA Management Studies graduate with extensive experience in the Start-Up culture as well as Sales & Marketing / Business Development Manager Fields.

Since discovering the true implications of Blockchain earlier this year, I have decided to pursue Blockchain / Crypto full time. Establishing a position at one of the UK’s leading GPU Mining Rig Companies - as this is a new position I’m looking to expand my knowledge on the sector. After watching @Ivanontech daily, I decided to embark on the Academy and so far I can say its truly fantastic!

Look forward to getting stuck into the course and meeting new people with a passion for the space.
Very happy to be here, thanks again for the opportunity.

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Hey Crypto Squad, Jon here back at it again, I am a current concrete construction project manager located in Miami Florida. I have 0 coding experience that being said I want to learn how to code a Tetris game that pays out and see whEre that leads me… Thanks Ivan for always being positive about the crypto space.


Hey blockchain family, hoping to learn some new stuff and solidify my full-time career switch!

Absolut! Det vore roligt! :smiley: vilken platform använder ni?

Hi Everyone

Scuba Steve here.
Been interested in Bitcoin since Summer of 2017.
I really think that there is a future for blockchain and crypto.
Excited to be a part of this group and hopefully learn how to code. Never done it before.
Becoming a blockchain developer sounds like a dream, but I have the passion.
Also, Ivan’s passion is contagious :slight_smile:


My name is Steve Iam an artist from Scotland. I joined the Academy a while back and have just started the Bootcamp.

Ive been working as a Hydro Engineer for years but have recently taken on my own private artist workshop and studio and i now work for myself producing sculptures and commisioned work for clients.

I dream of working in the blockchain industry as a devoloper

Hey All!

my name is Robert and live in Germany and signed up two days ago with my wife to the Academy, followed Ivan for quite long time on YouTube.

I’m following the crypto world since 2016/2017.

Started up my own company in late 90 and worked with global companies.
Today as a Scrum Master I’m working with a Fintech company (largest in Europe) from Sweden in an agile environment to digitize process.

Got in touch with Crypto around 4-5 years ago through a portal which offered BTC and ETH. Then I started evaluating the whole market and met Julian Hosp and some other interesting people in the Blockchain scene.

My primary focus is to familiarize myself with Smart Contracts and Blockchain programming to introduce the German companies to Blockchain.
I would like to learn more about interesting projects as I invest in Crypto myself and in my opinion the current global financial system is doomed to failure.
What I definitely want to do is to make the Blockchain as easy as possible and suitable for everyday use. We are still very far away from that.

Let’s make it happen!


Finns på Telegram i en grupp som heter Blockchain Sweden. Om du inte hittar gruppen så kan du gå in och följa den här kanalen så lägger jag in dig i gruppen. Känner du fler som talar svenska som är intresserade så är de självklart också välkomna

Finns en grupp på Telegram för svenskar som är intresserade av allt om blockchain. gruppen heter Blockchain Sweden. Om du inte hittar den så kan du följa gruppen så lägger jag till dig i gruppen

Hello, My name is Alvaro and I am from Argentina. I am Industrial Engineer.
I feel the cryptocurrency and blockchain joint some of my passions like finance, technology and new opportunities.
I am sure that blockchain is going to be, at least the next 10 years, the future of IT.
I hope I can improve fast.
I wish the successful to al the community.

Hi, Excited to be here.

Hi everyone!
My name is Andy, I currently work in quality assurance and looking to get back to my CompSci background. Excited to be here!

My name John and I live in Atlanta Georgia.
I just retired from my job as an aircraft mechanic at Delta airlines (31 years).
Blockchain technology is fascinating to me and I am looking forward to learning.
Coffee, coconut milk creamer, no sugar.

Hi everyone,

I’m Jonathan from Mauritius, just enrolled in the academy, very glad to be part of the IOT community.

Currently working as refrigeration tech, i’m new to the blockchain sector but fascinated with the endless possibilities of the technology. i’m here to learn as much as possible and maybe integrate blockchain in the current field i’m working in or do a complete career shift.

Wish you all a wonderful and inspired journey here in the academy.

See you guys,

Cheers! :smiley:

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Hi. Just started learning about Crypto and BlockChain. I’m in Australia and I am
66 years old. No one I know is buying Crypto but I have. I have no training in any technology - so this is a steep curve.

Here to learn to explain to others and pass on to future generations. Cheers Sherill

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Hello everyone. I am excited to join this academy and look forward to learn how to do some blockchain development. I am a developer from the bay area and have been interested in crypto since 2017. I like to create digital art and program.

Hello, my name is Ken and I’m new to the blockchain world! I want to learn how to develop blockchain apps and software so that I may gain great opportunities. I’m currently in process of opening a new type of food concept and I’d like to figure out how I could utilize blockchain in the restaurant industry.