Introduction to Technical Analysis & TradingView

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Hi Chris/ Lizette,

I’m very much enjoying your Technical Analysis 101 course. In the Connecting to a Brokerage section you recommend FXCM, however I am in the US. I’m thinking of signing up for Binance.US. Is there a better brokerage/ trading platform you recommend in the US?
Thank you!

Hi Luche,

Thanks for the feedback, best of luck with your new analytical skills.

As for brokers, I recall Gemini being an option that’s worth looking at, alternatively, hopefully this resource will be useful for you:

It lists and compares six options for brokers in the U.S


Thank you so much, Chris!
Great article! I’m deciding between Gemini and Binance.US I like Gemini’s UI the best, but Binance.US now accepts ACH fiat deposits and seems to have lower fees.

Hey Chris,

Having trouble opening limit orders on trading view…
I’m using a mac, can’t seem to find option for open limit order. I just get the options for risk/reward and visibility etc.
On top of that on the order panel all my tickers say they are a non tradable symbol. Not sure what i’m doing wrong?