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Hey all, nice to be here in the forums.
I am living and working (not in blockchain sphere yet) in Germany and have been following Ivan’s channel for quite sometime now. I was introduce to bitcoin and blockchain in late 2016. I shall be starting to learn more about the technical part of the blockchain and programming over it via smart contract programming course.
My expectation and intention from the course is to learn more about programming in general and try to be in this space for long time.



Hi All,

I am Aashish from USA working in the field of finance for past 12 years working mostly in the field of IBM TM1 a forecasting and budgeting tool. I have taken a break from my work to learn something new and give my career a boost. Then I was looking to learn something new and interesting and came across block chain. I was fascinated by this technology and wanted to learn more and now want to peruse my career in the same. I have done ETL coding before but nothing in the field of C or java. So trying to learn as much as I can from this course. I hope that I can learn more of programming in this course which I always was afraid of. So guys see you all in this course and All the best to everyone on this course.


Hi All… So refreshed and glad to be part of the new decentralised community!
For 10s of thousands of years civilised humans have lived in barter value systems of equivalent skills and professions. The most important glue that holds these systems together is respect and love. I’m excited to reimagine these systems for the modern age through decentralised value systems with a focus on self-responsibility, love, respect and care for each other.



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Hi Im Kat. Living in UK but Im Polish. Im here for a while but did not said HELLO yet :slight_smile: Im crasy crypto lover.

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Hello everyone! Im here to learn about blockchain as much as possible. I feel the blockchain technology is very important for the future. One day I would like to make my own project. I have already completed 55% of the developing course from Ivan. So far so good.
I believe in crypto so I already have a nice portfolio. I also like almost any kind of sport, gym, dancing, learning new things, travelling, poker, starcraft, chess, spiritual life etc. Peeeeeeace

Hello Ivan and others. My Name is Dave or David no matter to me , I just starting to learn about your course I was into mining BTC but I want to expand into the tech side of it. I’m excited to take your course.

Hello, my name is Anastasiia, I m from Ukraine, Luhansk, but currently live in Houston, TX. I run business of doing websites for customers in US. I know HTML, CSS, JS. In the middle of learning a big Java course. I’m a big fun of Blockchain and want to learn it, because I have several ideas that would like to implement through the idea of decentralization. :slight_smile:

Hi my name is dave
completely new to blockchain and programming.
have been following ivan YouTube Chanel for the last year.
believe that the blockchain is the future

Hi All,
My name is Naresh and I am from Hyderabad, India. I am working as a salesforce support developer in Service Cloud. I have overall 11 years in It industry mainly in testing though I moved recently to Salesforce. I want to learn blockchain and crypto currencies during my free time. I like to answer career questions on quora when I get time.
I like reading books, mythology, movies, current affairs.

That’s all for now.


Hi, my name is Dave with over twenty years in financial services and financial markets. As a risk and finance professional with an accountancy background, I am eager to ‘retool’ through an understanding of new ledger technologies, fintech and alternative currencies for the purpose of development. I was born in South Africa where I currently work and live. New fintech has the potential to help build a more sustainable society that encourages new local trade flows and positive economic connections. Glad to be on board!

Hey Y’all. I’m from George, South Africa. I’m a dentist who has always been interested in futurism, future technologies and the society-wide impacts thereof. I also have a Libertarian bent with an aversion to centralized economic and political power structures. So I obviously find Blockchain exciting. I also own a fair amount of cryptocurrencies and really wanna learn how they work ‘under the hood’. Peace

Hello World! My name is Evgenii. I’m Russian, but live in Vienna, Austria. I’m currently studying Business Administrations with specialization in finance. I would like to be a part of the world that supports change.The second reason why I took this course is to learn programming in general. I intend to integrate blockchain to some of my future businesses, so this is the perfect place to learn how to do that.

Hello everyone :wave:, I’m Charlton from South Africa. I’ve been following BTC in earnest since 2015, although I knew about it before then. I am currently learning to fly :airplane::slightly_smiling_face:. I enjoy learning new skills, enjoy cycling, swimming and the gym. I’ve been following Ivan since 2016 and enjoy his videos. It’s awesome to be part of this academy and I’ve learnt a lot in these few hours since I’ve started. It’s great to be a part of this forum and look forward to chatting to all of you :+1:

Hello, My name is Edwin and I’m from the Netherlands. i want to learn as much as possible about programming blockchain.

Greetings everyone, I’m very excited to a part of this community and I’m also very grateful for Ivan, thank you for doing everything you do man.

My name is David Simo, I live in Massachusetts, USA. I’m completely new to coding and programming but I’ve been investing in crypto since the last bull run at the end of 2017 and ever since I’ve been a student of the technology. Never would I be thinking or even be interested in learning about this amazing technology if it wasn’t for Bitcoin.

I hope I can learn from all of you and hopefully one-day others will learn from me.

Hi guys, i am Oyindamola, a software engineer from Nigeria. Recently became interested in the blockchain technology and its possibilities. I’ve since been learning alot and I’ve been able to write some smart contracts and develop simple DApps. Due to my passion to learn more, i stumbled on this course, and I see its very promising. I hope to learn more and eventually get into the world of professionally developing blockchain solutions. Happy to be here

Hello my name is Thaddeus, I love the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency theme; That is why I look for content that helps me to know more about this wonderful world and to contribute as well. I love programming and therefore I want to learn the basics of Bitcoin, Etherium and EOS and in the future to be able to add value.

Hi everyone, nice to be here in the forums.
I am new to blockchain and programming. I just started to learn about two weeks ago. I strongly agree with Mr. Ivan on how important it is to share ideas and communicate amongst ourselves, it makes the learning process easier and lively. Once again, it’s my pleasure to be here. Thanks

Hi All,

I’ve finally bought in to the concept of BUIDL. I regularly watch ivanontech on YouTube (@thizzcake) as I drive to work in the mornings. Aspire to be a digital nomad eventually and am truly fascinated by the developments in crypto.

Looking forward to learning more and maybe even becoming a skilled professional in the new financial world! I may even pivot my entire career trajectory overall if I’m afforded the luxury!

Seriously, imagine you are holding and suddenly, market cap shoots past 1, then 2, then 8 trillion USD. Well my dudes, then we will have the luxury to try something new. The prospect of that future is as refreshing as it is exciting.

Anyways, thanks @ivan for the spooky discount and I’m drinking black coffee too my friend - no cream, no sugar is the way to go!


Hello All,
I am Sudarshan Phule. I am currently studying Masters Software Engineering for Industrial Applications at Hof University of applied sciences Germany. I have completed B.E. Computer Engineering from Pune Maharashtra India. Also I have worked as an Assistant Professor at computer engineering department Pune India. Having experience in system programming, Linux basic administration, Java Programming