Is CSS Required for Project 1?

I’m about to start ‘Project 1’ and it will be a tips calculator.

I have a decent knowledge of HTML, but I left the space just as CSS was starting to become prominent.

Now that I’ve been learning JS and want to put this project together on a web page, what’s the best way to learn and become proficient in CSS, so that my project is current? I don’t know of any CSS classes in the Academy? Are there any, or can you recommend the best way to proceed? @thecil @Mikoai


Hey @loudogg, hope you are well.

I think the Ethereum Dapp Programming course might be the best approach for you to learn CSS properly, although is not a focused course about CSS, its a nice challenge, because you will have to build the kitty with html and css (mainly css). :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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