Is it too good to be true?

Just a very quick update lads and lasses,

price has just gone up >$18k

Is it too good to be true? Is it that CME and the rest are buying huge amounts so they can short their positions in the upcoming futures market? What do you think?

It is not too good to be true, but there will be a correction (is already happening maybe)… I guess it is just a first wave of early adoptors and maybe because of the CME. But I don’t know if this CME thing is a good idea. I am just HODling my alts and enjoy the run of populous.

I wonder if ordinary people like us will ever trust CME and CBOE to buy futures contracts instead of BTC. It is going to be a very very veeeery interesting week. Litecoin is already 50% up against BTC

that’s how i see it too. clif high said that they might shoot themselves in both feet with trying to trade with these future contracts. the three amigos, really great talk (youtube)