Is The Future Of Yield Farming On Binance?

I just started yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. And let me tell you … What a relief from the hectic and painstaking world of Ethereum gas fees and slow transactions. The list of problems with Yield farming on Ethereum go on and on.

You can actually use Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with Metamask. Here is the set up:

Once your in the world of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) you will see a new group of Yield farming, Defi, and interesting tokens. On the Binance Dex they are considered BEP2 and on the smart chain they are called BEP20. Right now on the BEP20 version of their token they started with 30 Coins and now they have about 40 Coins and tokens in all. Here is the list of coins:

In the new world of BSC, you might find yourself flipping burgers or pancakes for yield farming or burning tokens for Sparta. Either way it’s a fun and possibly profitable adventure.

Some helpful links to get started:

I will see you over there. In the land of The Spartan and the home of less fees.

Let’s share ideas for BSC here.

Let me know your thoughts.