Is there a need for Hedge funds in the crypto space?

I work at a Crypto Hedge Funds … and as you can see many are popping up.

Do you think there is a need for funds like this?
Or will Crypto Hedge Funds also be decentralized?

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That looks interesting, and I believe there is a need for such a service, but it’ll be hard to make money from it.

More concrete, I’d like to compare it with another service: Bitcoin loans. Did you hear about It’s shutting down. Not because there is no need for such a service, but because the market it targets (crypto-space) is too small to make a sustainable business. Maybe 5 years from now someone will launch exactly the same service and it will flourish.

But, right now, these kinds of intermediaries are fishing in a puddle. The early adopters already made their way in, so they are willing to go further by themselves.

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Going into cryptos through hedge funds is a natural way for large investors.
A large portion of fund investments are made by other investment funds.
Some investors have rules/polices to invest into certain type of funds and will therefore not invest directly.

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