Issue wit can someone help me?

Basically yesterday I was following step by step the lecture of maker Dao and I just get in the borrow section and then I scan my coinbase wallet to the system, istantely all my eth just disappear. I haven’t create any vault and I haven’t put any collateral yet. It seemed very odd. Can be some kind of hack or bug in the system?

I leave the transaction that I tracked on etherscan:

Does something similar happen to anyone? Do you think there is a chance to get back my balance?

BTW I had some ERC20 tokens too and they are still in the wallet.

You transacted nearly a third of an ETH.

Are you sure you didn’t have something else set up?

I haven’t been charged on Oasis app to connect a wallet,
but the contract fees can be ridiculous if you’re on at a busy time
or in a hurry.

You have to pay to open a vault, to get the vault to accept a particular coin, and to generate DAI.

*Oasis through Metamask is how I accessed the DAO lending protocol.

It’s an expensive proposition any more.

Has anyone else gotten a message when tryin to create dai in a new vault. I put in about .11 ether to make about 20 dai, but it tells me that the vault needs a minimum of 500 dai to open. I can’t complete the assignment at this point and am ready to give up and move on to the next lesson, which is not good, but I can’t get past the error message.

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Oasis has progressively been raising the minimum amounts the vaults can contain and minimum loans.
I’m looking forward to Agaave launching soon on xdai.
then you will be able to take out small loans with extremely low fees.

Come check us out!

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