Issue with metamask after Chrome update

Hi, I have an issue with Metamask, i believe it is after the chrome update.

SITUATION I have added an account in metamask to use it with Ledger S nano, and it was working well. Every transaction require an extra step, you must confirm it in ledger device. This prompt from metamask to ledger stopped to work. So IE if I want to unlock a token on 1inch It will say …“Please confirm your transaction on the device”… or something similar, but then ledger doesnt show anything.

My WIN 10 up to date
Ledger firmware 1.61 (latest)
Ledger app ETH is latest
Ledger live is OFF on my PC
Contract data inside Ledger ETH app is ON
Debug SHOW data

It just doesn’t prompt me the transaction to Ledger, s o I cant confirm it and so I am stuck there.

Anyone? I read some posts on Reddit but nothing really worked.
If I need to reset the account or to try metamask in Brave, how is the best way to do it?


Never mind, after trying everything clearing chrome cache helped. Sometimes solutions are more simple than you expect.

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