Issues and pre-requites

I’m at a point it seems that in order for me to move forward, I have to have already have taken another paid course. Am I understanding this correctly?

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Yes. Especially if you haven’t programed ever before in your lif. This is because the course will start with an idea that you already know how functions, loops, arrays and other things work in a programming language. :slight_smile:

All indications prior were to the contrary…no prior coding or as was quoted by a prior students testimony.
She hed zreo codeing experince or inderstanding and this course taught her everything she needed to know…completetly false and misleading.
I was hoping eveything I needed to learn was hear…now im finding thats not the case?

I think you misunderstood me. If you have no programming experiences you do the following. Before starting the Ethereum Game Programming you have to take 2 other courses. You have access to all the courses needed, you just need to do them in a certain order if you want to understand the Ethereum Game Programming one . :slight_smile:

Start with this one: Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers

Then move on to this one: Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101

And then finally the Ethereum Game Programming

Thank you for the clarification, that is just what I needed to know…
I cant tgank you enough!
Aloha from Hawaii!