Ivan on Tech Cert/Credential Placed On Blockchain?

Has it been considered by Ivan and his staff to place our certification certificates on a blockchain? I would not mind paying the gas fee and it would drive those verifying a students blockchain/Crypto knowledge to find Ivan on public ledger which would lead to more name recognition and ultimately making him more money. We should at least have a certification number we can post on LinkedIn give us all more credibility. Thoughts?


What an awesome idea! Why not start the worlds first/best verifiable, professional accreditation blockchain using a low cost xDAI or similar platform with minimal gas fees and NFT Certificates? I’m sure Ivan could gain exposure with LinkedIn sponsoring it… I know the Head of Open Source at Facebook. He would be able to find the startup cash and justify it as a community innovation initiative…


Yes, even if the just added a code to verify completion off the blockchain to begin it would give the credential holder more validation. We could start looking at funding sources for the full blockchain accreditation but we need to nail down our requirements.

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Totally agree with you @Oz7, good idea. I work in Finance an all official certification had a credential number attach to it that somebody can check on the website actually to probe this is real. Being able to verify this on the blockchain would give as an edge advantage above other elearning academies, I hope Ivan On Tech Academy take this proposal very seriously and work on it. I would not mind paying this extra on gas fees…


@mrcrypt0, @Oz7, @Mroman, hope you guys are great!

Now, we(Ivan on Tech Team) have been discussing about this, we got some proposals and we are looking on a good solution to make the certificates some way unique.

NTF is a good solution, the problem is the Transaction Fees…So lets try to get some stats from you guys (our amazing students) and help us build a new point of view for this :nerd_face:

Would you pay the Transaction Fees for your certificate to have it on blockchain?

  • NOTE: Remember this is only theory, for now the Academy does not promise anything, but we are looking into new ways to improve.

Problem is: We made Certificates has NFT (unique ID so will increase credibility), but who will pay the tx fees, students or Academy? (Academy refuse to pay the tx fees, we run the calculations, it will cost way to much, we need a better solution)

  • I don’t mind to pay the Tx Fees for my Certificate.
  • I don’t want to pay Tx Fees for my Certificate.
  • Let’s find a better solution.

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If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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Thanks Carlos for looking into it. Maybe some students would not want to pay the extra but other would. Is it possible to make it optional? The student that wants the certificate can pay this transaction fees. Just an idea.

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The main issue is that if we want to append any kind of data into a blockchain, you have to pay the fees of that transaction, who would pay it?

Off course it could be optional, lets say we keep the certificates like we have right now (after you finish a course, you get an email with your certificate), optional you could ask for the same certificate but in NFT or into a blockchain in order to have an unique ID. It could be possible :nerd_face:

Carlos Z.

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Having the cert on the blockchain would be not only setting an excellent example for the universities and other educational institutions but also would provide immutable legitimacy to the certification it’s self. One could put a QR code on a resume leading straight to the public ledger for verification.

Another easier thing that could be done today without much effort would be to assign a numeric identification code that could be double checked on Ivan’s site by potential employers or project lead doing their due dalliance while on-boarding a new team member. It would prevent anyone from simply fabricating a certification.

The blockchain is my first choice but the second option I see as the very minimum.