Ivan on tech nft's originals

Hi Guys,

There are a lot of scam out there for NFT’s that were originally created by Ivan and his Team.
Please do not fall for the scammers.
I currently hold few of the Big Strong Guys and One extra Big Boy Pumpkin Pants (aka Rekt City Survivor). If you are looking to get some check my rarible profile below or I am also willing to trade for the Big boy pants 1 & 2.


If any questions, just ask!



Hi @Raf.PV7, that link is to the account of whoever is logged in locally. If you want to share a link to your collectibles page, click the share button and select copy link. The link should like like https://app.rarible.com/user/[wallet address here]

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Hi there,

My bad, check the one below, it should work :slight_smile :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for letting me know.