Ivan's Nasal Itching

We need to keep our fearless leader healthy so giving my medical perspective to help with the “itchy nose”.

Best and wisest option is to visit an ENT doc who can do an exam to get a clear diagnosis. Unfortunately, they will most likely push for some type of surgery to “clean up” the nasal cavity or some medication. Not always the best choices.

I believe the “itching” is simply inflammation = congestion. When your nasal tissues are inflamed, breathing/talking can vibrate those tissues and nasal cavity. But what is causing the inflammation?

Typically, certain foods can cause inflammation so a food sensitivity panel via blood work can rule out problematic foods. IgA and IgG specifically and these aren’t true allergies, but delayed food sensitivities. Unfortunately, most food sensitivity testing is notoriously known to be inaccurate so have to use certain labs that have shown to be very reliable.

My guess is the coffee is an issue because I see this show up quite frequently so can eliminate coffee for a week to see if symptoms resolve or to take out the guessing and do blood work.

Reach out if you have any questions because I am sure this is driving Ivan crazy, in the least not fun.