Job hunting after the course

Hi! Just curious, did anyone land a job after completing a career path on the platform? If so, what was your strategy? I’m asking especially from the perspective of someone coming with 0 background experience in coding.

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Very good topic. I am currently applying to an internship/position, although I have not completed the whole career path yet (~80% done). I will keep you updated if I could land or not. I found a post here on the forum that a team is looking for devs, I just PMed the author and am now waiting for his/their answer to my application.
My goal is to land a job in the space as soon as possible. My strategy is to keep improving my skills on a daily basis through courses and my own projects and keep a record of it in my online portfolio.
Let’s see how long it takes 'till I can land my first job :slight_smile:

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Nice! Congrats! Haven’t started any portofolio myself. I’m just barely finishing the javascript module.

I currently have a job and I think working as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork until I find something worth quiting my job is the best bet :))