JOB SEARCH in the industry

Hi all

What platforms, websites, where do you search for Crypto related jobs? Preferably remote!

The last similar post was from 2017… many things have changed so far. Let me know what you know!

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Hey Tanja,
its quite some time ago I was searching for a job by myself - can’t even really remember… But since I am a bit familiar with contract recruitment, my advise to you would be the other way around (even in these days) :slight_smile:

I assume you are looking for a job as a developer?!

Give it a try on LinkedIn
What do I mean by that?

  • update your profile
  • put into the summary / keyword search title trigger words like: blockchain developer / consultant etc.
  • link yourself with HR decision makers in the type of industry you are looking to work in
  • link yourself to head hunter / agents in the SW-Dev space (be careful on their commission / provision)
  • get active in communities / groups focusing on and around your dream job-area
  • give advise / answer question

Obviously it is not the easy way, but it certainly will grow organically your reputation and own brand.
But if you start with even only updating and prepping your profile with the proper key-words there is a great chance that you will be addressed by various people due to you rare (new) skills.
There are surely sides with crypto jobs - hope someone else is more familiar here, and give you a hand

Good luck!


Hi Tanja.

Here is a couple of sites.

Ivan On Tech Career -

I have to add check it out, it’s a fantastic platform.
Please post a message on the Town Square Wall and tell them DaDogg80 invited you. We may both get some eth, to get us started. :+1: :wink:



Hi @tanja, check out

Thanks for those links everyone and thanks Tanja for asking the question!

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Great ideas. .thanks guys!

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I have just come across this site and it seems pretty good for remote blockchain work opportunities:


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thank you so much. even a job I would be interested on there… :slight_smile:

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