JSON and its relationship to Java Script

//What is JSON and how does it relate to Java Script?

//This is Object literal context that we have seen in the past. Here we can create and object and define it on the fly,.

    var objectliteral ={
        isAProgrammer: true 
        //Now Java Script can convert this object literal context to JSON using "stringify".
//Now JSON which is JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) uses the Java Script Object literal notation.  So JSON is a subset of Java Script but JASON is not Java Script because it has stricker rules.  You can also convert the JSON script back to Java Script by this technique
        var jsonValue = JSON.parse('{"firstname": "Mary","isAProgrammer": true}');   //Change back to Object
        //Faking Name spaces
        //Name space: Container for variables and functions.  In Java script we can fake this 
        var greet = "Hello!";
        var greet = "Hola!";
        console.log(greet);  //greet variable replaced by "Hola"  So we can create a container to hold different version of the greet variable.
        var english ={};  //can create containers for English version
        var spanish = {};  //can create container for Spanish version
        english.greet = "Hello!";
        spanish.greet = "Hola!";
        console.log(english.greet);   //print "Hello"
        console.log(spanish.greet);   //print "Hola"
        english.greeting = {};
        spanish.greeting = {};
        english.greeting= "Only in America";
        spanish.greeting = "Only in Spain";
        console.log(english.greeting);  // prints "Only in America"
        console.log(spanish.greeting);  //print "Only in Spain"