Kucoin - a new exchange platform

Hi everybody. I found this really interesting exchange platform called kucoin. They trade several coins like LTC, NEO, BTC, WTC, ETH and as far as I know it is the only exchange that trades RPX (Red Pulse launched on the NEO network). They are based in hongkong and sound really legit. They want to become a decentralized platform at some point in the future, paid through the KCS tokens.
The cool things about it:
10 % of the gains through trading fees is used to buy back coins every quarter and burn them, until 100 Million coins are destroyed.
50 % of the gains through trading fees are paid back to users holding tokens on the platfrom
40 % of the gains through trading fees are used for their referral program (didn’t find this info in their wp, got it from a user on youtube)
The fees themselves aren’t high at all, which makes it especially interesting for small trades. It is 0.1 % of every trade (which although becomes a lot once you make big trades)…
Anyhow, feel free to check it out here:

and here: