Kusama and Thorchain (hidden gems)

Two projects that have flown under the radar Kusama was founded by the same guy that founded Polkadot

ThorChain(RUNE) - is on the Cosmos SDK
* Also on the Cosmos SDK is BinanceChain, Terra(LUNA), Injective Protocol(INJ)
Kusama(KSM) is where new features are tried ‘live’ [I do not like calling it a test net].
* Kusama updates are every 7 days versus 28 days on Polkadot
* Kusama is basically a ‘clone’ of Polkadot - except the new features are tried on Kusama first.

Both are solid projects


Yes, I heard coin bureau shilling Thorchain yesterday. It has a really solid roadmap and, if I’m not mistaken, is just one giant liquidity pool.