Ledger Nano S is on Sale :)

Hi all!

For those interested in getting a new hardware wallet, Ledger is having a 50% sale on their matt black Ledger Nano S.

I am not a rep of the company nor do I get any kickbacks from your purchase. I’m just passing on a good deal for those who are interested :smiley:

Seems like a good x-mas gift to me! :slight_smile:


Say perhaps you could help me out here understanding some fundamentals.

I just got my Trezor hard wallet and to be frank I am a bit disappointed with it.

I was expecting that it would be able to load all currencies, it cannot. I was expecting it to interface with wallets and exchanges, it cannot.

What is the value of this wallet over paper wallets?

What is the value of this device, which was quite difficult to get where I am located, over creating my own with a thumb drive better still an SD card or microSD card?

essentially is that not all this device is? a solid state drive with security?

Is there some open source code to make your own hard wallet for way less money and offer more features?

just pretty disappointed with it…and I think my opinion is warranted however would love to be shown incorrect.


Hey Xanadu,

I’d say the two main points of value are:

  1. Seed recovery words if you lose the hardware wallet. Unlike your thumb drive or SD card, which, if lost, is gone. Should you lose your Trezor, you can use your recovery words to re-generate your wallet and its contents.

  2. The UI the hardware wallet provides to see your wallet’s contents and fiat-equivalent value. This is more user-friendly than a thumb drive. You could also download the hardware wallet’s app (Ledger has one, I’m assuming Trezor does as well) so that you can keep track of your crypto on-the-go.

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.