Ledger Nano S or X for Buying, Selling, Storing and Staking of BTC, Cardano, VET, etc?

Hello all, new member here :), can anyone with more experience tell me what is the best hardware ledger nano, S or X in order to be able to protect myself from theft, and continue to manage, buy, sell, and stake BTC, VET, ADA, ETH etc?

Are all the above even possible through Nano S or X?

I am in the process of buying one, but I am unsure of what I will be able to do with those.

Thanks in advance!

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I own the Nano X and can store BTC and ETH with no problem. The rest, not entirely sure.

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Cardano ADA has its own app on Ledger Nano X. However, I would steer clear of using correct KYC details with ledger given their terrible record for contact details data breaches (not crypto theft — just personally identifiable contact data). Nano X is slightly more friendly than the Nano S model — just ensure you’re minimising and managing Bluetooth transmissions, avoiding public areas for Ledger device Bluetooth usage.

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Thank you MPer, appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you MR Crypto :slight_smile:

Hi Jo

You can do everything that you described with both ledger nano s and x. Main diffrence between s and x is price and memory. Ledger nano s is more affordable and has less memory than the ledger nano x

I recently bought the s model and I’m happy with my purchace.

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Thank you for your comment MoonNiilo! I have ordered a 3pack of Nano Sand look forward to set everything up.

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Makes sense. I was entertaining the thought for a split second there but you’re completely right. No point storing crypto in cold storage if you’re just gonna end up getting doxed in the end.