Ledger Nano S or X for Buying, Selling, Storing and Staking of BTC, Cardano, VET, etc?

Hello all, new member here :), can anyone with more experience tell me what is the best hardware ledger nano, S or X in order to be able to protect myself from theft, and continue to manage, buy, sell, and stake BTC, VET, ADA, ETH etc?

Are all the above even possible through Nano S or X?

I am in the process of buying one, but I am unsure of what I will be able to do with those.

Thanks in advance!

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I own the Nano X and can store BTC and ETH with no problem. The rest, not entirely sure.

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Cardano ADA has its own app on Ledger Nano X. However, I would steer clear of using correct KYC details with ledger given their terrible record for contact details data breaches (not crypto theft — just personally identifiable contact data). Nano X is slightly more friendly than the Nano S model — just ensure you’re minimising and managing Bluetooth transmissions, avoiding public areas for Ledger device Bluetooth usage.

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Thank you MPer, appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you MR Crypto :slight_smile:

Hi Jo

You can do everything that you described with both ledger nano s and x. Main diffrence between s and x is price and memory. Ledger nano s is more affordable and has less memory than the ledger nano x

I recently bought the s model and I’m happy with my purchace.

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Thank you for your comment MoonNiilo! I have ordered a 3pack of Nano Sand look forward to set everything up.

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Makes sense. I was entertaining the thought for a split second there but you’re completely right. No point storing crypto in cold storage if you’re just gonna end up getting doxed in the end.

Hi @MoonNiilo, I just set up my new Nano S and installed the BTC app but it had two options of addresses like in the picture. I installed both as I did not know which is the right one.

a) Which one do you think I should use to manage my BTC transactions (transfer from another exchange, buy, etc)?

b) The Nano S only allows up to 3 apps in size, correct?

c) Do you recommend I buy BTC directly from Nano S or buy on another exchange and then transfer it to Nano S to also securely store it? I have read that when buying from Nano S, the fees are very high compared to if we buy from another exchange like Crypto.com but there is the advantage of not having go use a different app to buy and store.

Thank you very much in advance :).

Hi @jocrypto

a) I think both can be used managing your transactions but some exchanges accept different types of bitcoin addresses. I’m not 100 % on this so don’t just take my word for it.

b) Yeah 3 minimum

c) If you feel unsure about sending crypto from an exchance then buy directly from Nano S. Don’t know about the fees in Nano S.

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