Ledger recommendations? (preferably in NYC)

I just received a nano ledger from amazon. and then realized maybe that’s not a good idea and checked the reviews and they’re terrible!

I could oder one online or a store in NY?

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With hardware wallets, it’s best if you buy them straight from the manufacturer (in this case Ledger). You just go to Ledgers website and order one. This is safer than buying from resellers because buying from resellers (in this case from Amazon) could hurt you in the long run, because they can (before giving you the wallet) write down that wallet’s private keys. And we all know once someone knows your private keys, your wallet is NOT safe.

Ledgers website if you need it: https://www.ledger.com/
Or just type in the search bar ‘‘Ledger’’ and make sure to not click on an add and that you visit the correct Ledger Website. I know there are many scams out there.


Buy via ledger website it ships from the US even though it French company.

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Hi, from my experience i have used ledger and enjoy it.
But yes referring to the comment above. I would buy it from their website directly.
No not give no one your seeds.

An ignore any text ledger text , there seems to be a scam going around.
Hope this helps

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I have also used ledger and personally I am satisfied. Only problem I had was I took me some time to figure out how to connect it to the metamask.

Few months ago they did have a security breach though and customer emails got stolen. If your email was in that database you can get some phishing emails posing as ledger.

Aw thank you! I got a ledger family pack. I’ll keep a careful eye on those emails

Hello! I also have Ledger Nano X bought it from Ledger website . Ledger said if you buy it out side of Ledger they may not be trusted . I am trying to learn how to connect to MetaMask so complicated :thinking: . I am getting many texts from fake Ledger deleting it , so stressful . FYI The Crypto Dad , Rex Kneisley has YT tutorials how to set up Ledger Nano S and X. helpful.

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