Lelantus - Discussion

I had the opportunity to speak with Reuben, COO of Zcoin and Aram, the author of the Lelantus protocol.

Lelantus is a new privacy protocol for blockchains which:

  1. Doesn’t require trusted setup
  2. Has massive scaling benefits
  3. Has multiple breakthrough innovations in cryptography.

I found our talk fascinating and I hope you will too. Reuben and Aram will be visiting the Toshi Times from time to time, so leave your comments and questions for them below!


Really enjoyed the video some explanations really help understand more clearly issues dicussed in previous lessons.
great work

Send coins into a black hole, get a receipt/credit to redeem or pass the receipt/credit to someone else… vast info. Might have to watch again, deep dive info day?

video not loading or playing on the website, but is playing on Kjami

Can you share the link to the video you are reffering to?

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So, from what I understand:

  1. They removed the RSA Accumulator as the trusted setup in favor of using the one-out-of-many-proofs system. This move was part of the Sigma protocol, but with Lelantus, they were able to expand the commitments to double blinded commitments which include the “serial number” of your burn receipt (proof you burned coins) as well as the value of the coins you burned, eliminating the denomination requirements.

  2. The scaling benefit is in batch verification of the one-out-of-many-proofs. You have a fixed computational cost for the first commitment being verified and a marginal cost for each additional commitment being verified.

  3. A major breakthrough discussed was direct anonymous payments and shielded addresses, which if I understand correctly, means you can send your burn receipt to someone else directly, instead of sending them new coins by spending from the mint.

Overall, I find Zcoin to be the most interesting and promising implementation of the Zerocoin ecosystem, especially vs Zcash. At least in my admittedly very limited analysis.


great video to show in the future!

Privacy is hard.

A blockchain is public, yet some people made it private yet publicly verifiable. It is almost a technical miracle when you think about it.

Privacy might be the next big narrative. I wouldn’t be surprised if privacy is the defi of the next cycle. When people will use their crypto to buy real stuff on a daily basis, when they will do it in hostile social and political context, then privacy will be needed everywhere.

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