Lesson9: Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers / Categories / HTML & Web / Image & Break Line

I just started the course java program. I encounter a problem in lesson 9 where I try to replicate/adjust to get an image inserted. I think(not sure) to have used the same code as Ivan 

<img src="pic_trulli.jpg" alt="Italian Trulli"> 

![tt4|493x500](upload://gkWI5K64B6fCq5lUZyyqIqrMjnP.jpeg) ![tt3|690x375](upload://43zT95cyubEw8b2xi38uZZcdkio.png) 

, but the image does not show (upload:tt3). I can open the image in a new tab(upload:tt4).
Does anybody se what i did wrong here? Below is the code, thanks for helping.
<!DOCTYPE html>

<title>GAWAIN'S RESEARCHED STRATEGIES</title>  </head>
    <p>GAWAIN'S <strong>RESEARCHED</strong> STRATEGIES</p>
    <p>OUR LIST!</p>
<a href="https://www.google.be/">CLICK ME TO GOOGLE</a>
    <img src="pic_trulli.jpg" alt="Italian Trulli">


Make sure the picture is in the same folder as your HTML document and that it is a .jpg file, otherwise it won’t be detected. Instead of pointing to a local file you can always put a link to an image in the img tag under src=“LINK HERE”.

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Thanks for answering Mauro,

Will be dabbling a bit with it, not sure i fully understand. :thinking:

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No problem. Check out this website. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.asp
It explains you all about the img tag. I am sure you will get it now.

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