Lightning Network Details - Discussion

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@filip Will the txn be automatically updated or broadcasted on the blockchain as soon as both the people sign a transaction?

@filip What did you mean by ‘direct onchain txn occurs in collaborative close’?

It depends on the scenario. If you’re talking about the transactions being signed when payments are made IN the channel, then no. They are not broadcasted, since they are not intended to be written to the blockchain. But if they close a channel, then the TX need to be broadcasted.

Was this from a quiz? Or where is this from? I need to know the context.

Hey Filip, loving the course!

Just a couple of details I think might be off in the video about “Breach Remedy Transactions”. The breach remedy tx is spending from the commitment tx, and only one signature is required to spend from the commitment tx. It’s not spending directly from the funding tx, so it doesn’t need two signatures.

Also, I believe the secret is shared as part of the revocation process, rather than the secret being revealed in the commitment tx. For routed HTLC payments, the secret is revealed if the HTLC is claimed, but that’s a different process to revoking old commitment txs.

Thank you for pointing it out! I think that’s correct, yes. If I remember correctly. It’s hard sometimes to find the right level of simplification when making the videos, and sometimes I get things wrong when I record. I hope that the concept came across though.

To all of you that want some more detailed info on this can read up on it here:

@filip Is it possible to close a lightning channel (on the new block being mined, before its propagated throughout the entire network) and then spend my balance on the lightning network. I am assuming that the channel validity is asserted by the full node running on a gateway.