Login counter on IOT stopped?

crazy banana

I am stuck with 55 days, and doesn’t move.

Anyone else?

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I reached out to the stuff yesterday about this. Here is their reply Screenshot_20210322_172915

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Thanks I gave the consent on the provided link, hope this will fix the issue. Yeah, I might already lost couple of days since I am at 55 days quite a few days now, but OK, not a big deal. Thanks again.

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Seems It didn’t help. I’m still stuck with 55 days, even though I gave a consent to the cookies. Gave consent in Chrome on PC and Safari on my phone, but it didn’t work.

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Hey @don.bastiano, hope you are ok.

Please write to our amazing support team at support@ivan.academy

They will help you fix this little problem.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

Me too. This must be the 2nd/3rd time it has happened. Will email support. Yesterday 77, today 1😢

Yes I am also back to 1 now should be over 60. @Billy can you paste this thread to support, so we will not annoy them one by one. Thanks

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