Looking for Head of Sales / Partnerships

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoy the Blockchain Business Course.

I have set up a small team.

We are looking for our Head of Sales / Partnerships. Depending on profiles co-founder position is possible.

Regarding our project, I invite you to check the following link (and to DM me to know more about me)


I would like to transform this project into a business depending on our first result.

Let me know if you could be interested and if you have any questions.


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I am actually in the process of leaving a sales position. Let me know more of what your requirements are and I can see if I am a good fit for your vision.


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Thank you for your interest.
I will DM you.

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Hi Eric

I am looking to transfer myself from traditional work to blockchain related work. I am interested in pretty much anything in blockchain industry. Can you pass on some more information about what you would like to do?
Please do that to storjak@protonmail.com
Thank you and best regards,

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Hi Sin,
OK, I will do!