Looking for the trading bot programming

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I heard @ivan mentioning trading bot programming course but can’t seem to find it. Anyone know it it’s available or is it within a specific track that I need to apply for.

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There is a course for a trading bot, but you can’t view it unless you join. They forgot to add it by accident. I am sure they will add it eventually. For now here is what its all about.

Its called: " Algorithmic Trading & Technical Analysis"

Sections are:

Welcome Section - This includes General Information
Introduction to Technical Analysis - Candlesticks, Trends, MA, Support, Resistance, etc.
Trading Basics - Orders, Positions, Stop Loss, etc.
Building a Strategy - Theory - Idea, Model, Backtesting, Risk Assesment, etc.
Tools - Trading View, etc.
Pinescript - Variables, Functions, Indicators, etc.
Building a Strategy - Same as before but this is in practice.
Evaluation - Risk Formula, Potential, Conclusion, etc.
Javascript bot programming using Gemini API, NodeJS and CryptoCompare - API, NodeJs, NPM, etc.

Hope this helps out.

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