Lost coins! Coinbase wallet

A friend of mine, who entered the crypto space a short time ago, has (I think) totally lost his tokens…

He has a coinbase spv and the coinbase wallet app. He was holding 5.6 yf-dai in his coinbase wallet. He wanted to convert the tokens for eth, but instead of converting them to eth, he just sent the yf-dai to his ethereum address on coinbase spv… now they are stuck in no mans land… he has reached out to coinbase (the spv and the wallet), who have told him they cannot do anything unless they support yf-dai…

I was hoping for any kind of direction, mostly because I feel bad for the guy. It is over 20000 in tokens right now.

Are his tokens lost? (Which I think they are)

Or can anything be done?

Thank you for any input

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Wow! I thought my Coinbase wallet situation was bad but this sounds HORRIBLE!!! Only help I can give is that only ETH contract and ERC-20 tokens can be sent to Ethereum wallet addresses. I have contacted Coinbase support myself for my wallet situation multiple times since Saturday (my first stuck transaction was on Friday) and still no response!!! I put an input in in my last e-mail to support telling them to have an introductory video series on how to use the wallet app so the confusion between transferral of tokens on the app and linking your wallet to trade, swap, stake, and wrap DOES NOT OCCUR!!!

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Yeah we’ve contacted support. Both coinbase wallet and coinbase. They are both pointing fingers at each other. I think the only remedy is for coinbase to support yfdai… which ATM is not supported by the wallet address that holds the coin.

Hopefully it’s just a beautiful forced HODL where he can get his coins back when it’s worth 60k lol

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Hahaha wouldn’t that be some ish!!! Yea I finally got my wallet back together after days of stranded transactions (because I was trying to undercut high ETH fees). So funny how you posted for your friend right after my help post and I was also right on the Defi deep dive Maker Dao section when I switched back to the forum to check my post and saw yours there!!!