Lost Poloniex Deposits?

Not sure if anyone else here has had any issues with Poloniex?

It has been 86 days since I deposited 1.06 ETH to Poloniex. It has not yet appeared on my account balance. A support ticket was created a few hours after and it has still not been answered, despite a second ticket being sent in sometime after. After looking online I have found that I am definitely not the only person in this situation. Poloniex’s public stance is that they have been overwhelmed with new users, probably true, but 86 days and counting for $300 worth of lost crypto, not good in my opinion. I simply can trust them anymore which is a shame as I liked using the lending feature to earn interest on my BTC.

I would like to hear some updates as you find out further to your problem with Poloniex. Do you have any other exchanges, trading platforms that you have had good experience with?

After this experience with Poloniex it has made me very wary of exchanges in general, I must admit I never had any issue with several Bitcoin deposits with Poloniex, but 1 bad experience is enough for me. I can’t avoid exchanges altogether as I like to buy IOTA, OMG and PAY so I do need them. I tend to transfer my BTC on to the exchange, then convert to my crypto of choice and send it to a wallet and get it off again within the hour. I have been using Bittrex & Bitfinex for this. Never had any problems with either of them, but still don’t trust them more than I absolutely have to. If you don’t know about “Mt . Gox” then I would definitely google it before you ever consider holding money on an exchange. I use Coinbase to transfer my GBP to BTC but again it’s sent to my software wallet straight away (hardware wallet on order) Call me paranoid but losing $300 of ETH stings lol.

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Yes I’m aware of Mt. Gox, what an experience that must have been to be a victim of. I wouldn’t consider that being paranoid, money is money. Ivan on tech on youtube has a great video that he just released recently about reseting “keys” for wallets on computers that have never touched the internet, seems to be a great, but basic, video around wallet security. some good ideas in there.

Yes I am loving Ivan’s videos, I have seen dozens of them. Have you seen his video on the ledger nano S hardware wallet? I followed his link to buy one, this really is the ultimate level of security. If you had $1,000,000 of Bitcoin that is how you would store it, I am sure Ivan would agree.