McafeeDex and $Ghost (Privacy coin from Mcafee)

Hello community

There is a project which I’ve stumbled upon in the past month. Normally, I wouldn’t pay attention to it, but this one is hard to overlook since the initiator and founder is crazy John, we all know him. I think we don’t have to argue that Mcafee is weird and completely nuts, however his track record is quite legendary in terms of cryptography, privacy, IT security and blockchain lately.

He launched McafeeDex beta (built on 0x) and his privacy coin $ghost out of nowhere.

The weird thing for me is, why doesn’t $ghost get any attention among the crypto community? He seemed to care about that project quite a lot.
Undoubtedly, the project launch was a complete disaster. Just look at some youtube videos and you will see what I mean. If you do some additional research, you will also see that the whitepaper is copy pasted from another whitepaper as well. Well, he gave props to the “owners” of the whitepaper but still, it’s not what I would expect from one of the most notorious persons in IT security.

I would appreciate some additional quality info. Ivan hasn’t covered it in good morning crpyto as well although it would be interesting to hear his opinion.

Hence, there are some questions which I haven’t really figured out yet:

  • Is there a reason why Mcafee doesn’t get any support and credibility?
  • Can $Ghost be viewed as a possible alternative to Monero at some point?
  • Does somebody have some suggestions or objective information about this project?

!!And beware, the fees for buying $ghost coins are about 10% on Mcafeedex, so guys please be careful with every click you make! Maybe the “gaslimit” is sabotaging the whole thing as well?

Ok guys, I’ve researched the project online and offline. (including telegram, checking employees, checking forums)

One message for the blackcoffeenomilknosugar community: STAY AWAY for now. The liquidity is down the drain.

Employees are deleting their social media and weird stuff is happening. People’s funds are trapped bc mcafeedex is not working properly. Also, on the telegram, bots are talking to each other to pump the coin. They are now in FUD marketing phase.

Wreck city ETA: probably very soon.

Hope something changes but for now, stay safe!