MCO/CRO SWAP - something is rotten in the state of this swap

When I last checked in that rate at the app was 1:27

The uniswap rate was 1:30

what baffles me is the USD/MCO/CRO swap…it seems to me I would be FAR better off swapping MCO to USD/DAI and the USD/DAI to CRO…what am I missing???

-----UPDATE, what I was missing was my calculations based on book value .03, nothing is rotten at all except my math! lol, market is .15-.17

You’re missing the 20% swap bonus

CRO is trading at .03
with swap at 1 to 27 or 1 to 30 it appears you are being forced to buy @ .17 which is way too much

so swapping for TUSD or DAI seems the better option and them buying CRO if you like or something else

and the 20% bonus seems like you are forced to lock it in stake which is not appeasing to many

Was there even any notice that this would be happening? I got an e-mail saying that they would be closed on August 3rd for maintenance, but nothing else. To be honest, I didn’t read the whole thing in detail, so maybe they mentioned they would be phasing out MCO in there.

No matter to me, the only MCO I own is the referral bonus I got for signing up through a link. However since I didn’t buy any additional MCO, I don’t even get to keep that. Oh well. lol