Meta mask issue

Hi everyone,
I am having such a stressfull time understanding MetaMask. My issue is every-time I try to connect my MetaMask wallet to a DEX aggregator it says “MetaMask is not on the main network” or “MetaMask can not be detected”. I made sure to switch off Brave shield and I even tried it on google chrome, but I am getting the same issue. Additionally, when the MetaMask does connect the DEX aggreator site says “wrong network” and the address is different from mine, but I made sure I was on the “Main Eth Network”.

I am seriously confused why there is a such an issue, any input will be greatly appreciated.

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I used DEX aggregator with a hardware wallet just fine. I haven’t tried metamask but I assume it would have to be easier than with the hardware wallet. Make sure when you connect the wallet that you accept a request that may come up in the metamask itself. I have previously used metamask to connect to several websites without any problem. From what I can tell you are doing everything right. Your tried a different browser and you made sure you are on the main network. Maybe their interface is currently having an issue. Its weird you are having so much problems connecting a wallet.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I restored my brave browser to its default setting and reenabled the extension, doing so fixed the issue I was facing.