Meta mask + ledger

I have some assets in my meta mask. I want to add my ledger to secure it. I see the process is just adding one of my Eth addresses to the wallet. My question is if I transfer some of my erc20 tokens to this new ledger address will I be able to access them even though ledger live doesn’t support them? So if it shows up on my Eth address as ERC20 on the blockchain I can access them on my meta mask ledger wallet?

Yes you can add one of the Ledger address inside Metamask by connecting Ledger device in Metamask and just transfer your balance on ledger address and no Ledger live software is required for connection during the process.
Next time onwards also you can just connect metamask with Ledger Hardware wallet and when you are doing transaction just confirm the same in metamask and also in Ledger Wallet by pressing physical key.
Just see the half video from this Youtube link :
Hope you find solution.

Also you cannot use Metamask alone without Ledger hardware wallet as Private keys never leave the Hardware wallet so it is required to sign the transaction by pressing physical buttons.