METAMASK how do I find my metamask

Hi guys this is a really crazy question I have downloaded metamask and have no idea how to find it on my pc I have tried to search programs can anyone help I have set up my seed etc so should be able to login??? Can someone please help thanks :frowning:

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Metamask is installed as an extension of your browser (Chrome or Brave) you can see it in the upper right.

You can visualize the fox icon

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thanks I knew it was a simple answer !!!


We are here to help us


thanks another question can I swap coins on my ledger live for example swap ltc for thereum or btc?? tried to google this a number of times

I don’t use ledger but my understanding, and I am only answering because no one else has, is that is not a capability it has.

I think I have seen it can connect to dexes.

Bitcoin is not on Ethereum, so it gets tricky avoiding centralized exchanges.

So when connecting metamask to a Dapp there is a step that says view the address of the permitted accounts (required), only the last 4 digits are displayed and I can’t figure out how to view it?? Can anyone help?