Multi Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live

Hello All

Loving the new Ledger NanoX so much I have two, for different companies.

Issue I have Is it possible to use different NanoX USB’s on the same Ledger Live Account on the one laptop?

I am not getting much love form Ledger Support, and was wondering if anyone has come across this?

Any ideas would be very appreciated.


btw Laptop is a win10 pro 64 set up

I can help you. Yes ist possible.

Simple add the account from your first ledger and reconnect the ledger. Than do the same with your second ledger. In Ledger Live you can see all your accounts and also a portfolio view (all accounts together).

Hope that helps.

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Task completed, feel silly on how easy it was. Just needed a direction, all good and very happy. Thank you for the help.