Music Streaming and Blockchain Project

Does anyone want to discuss the potential of reinventing the Music Industry and it’s Paid artist royalties?

I work in the industry and I know quite a lot of influential people in UK.

I have some ideas and looking to build a team !!! :v::notes::notes::notes:

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check out

very nice, and on the EOS ecosystem… I wonder if anything is being discussed on ETH. @amadeobrands shared something with me yesterday on twitter but its vanished. It looked very interesting.

Are you in the industry youreself @dani88?

I like music, but i’m picky, so I don’t listen to emanate yet. One day, I will. I spend a lot of time in Nashville, so I promote the project as I have opportunity. I would love to add to what they have done. I think it’s an awesome platform, it is like all of EOS, super undervalued by listeners and artists.