My project Cervesium - Beer review platform

Hi everyone. I just want to show my project. Cervesium is a beer review platform based on blockchain rewards.

If anyone is interested presentation site is here:

Working platform:

Android application:

Airdrop info:

If you have any question just ask. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I like the concept! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Just curious though, what’s the benefit of using blockchain for this project? Sounds like something that could exist with a regular database. What problem is blockchain solving?

Good luck with it!

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This part of the project doesn’t need blockchain. First, we want to establish ourself with only rewards for reviewing beers, adding beers and adding companies. Our first goal is just to make a strong community of beer lovers. We are hoping that in this phase we will make some good connections with some microbreweries.

If we will be successful then we can go to blockchain for supplies or partner with some companies which already have this. But without a strong community and big support, no one will take us seriously. So this is why we need to make the first step.


Hi there,

Sounds like a good prpoject, I like it. I think it is great to give the little ones a platform to grow. What if you would at some point create a database where reweries put in information about their beer (purchase of the goods and machines, methods of brewing etc (unless of course this is against the privacy and secretof brewing recepies)), stored on a DL so everyone can see i.e. if they really are organic, really brew after the german concept, etc.? I think small breweries would love this and I am sure they might think of implementing it. but the thing is indeed: how do you get them on board? Maybe talk to crypto chico on youtube, he drinks beer every video he makes.

Can you vote on the app i.e. when visiting a brewery or drinking a beer? evtl contest - beer of the week, crazy new invention of the week, etc.?

For now, we are slowly sending companies emails with requests to use their beer pictures on our site. We don’t want to use them without approval and in this email, we mention our platform. In future, we will send email to companies and say for example you have 1000 people who like your beer or company and our platform will allow sending users survey or questionnaire to all users who follow them. But for this, they will need our coins so users who will complete survey or questionnaire will get some coins. We hope that we can get companies on board with this.

At this moment you can only add new beers, adding new companies, reviewing beers, record your beer consumption and participating in beer story (taking pictures of beers).

Currently you can’t vote which brewery you visited this is for future alongside with achievements. You will get a badge for drinking Australian beer, for drinking the first Lager and so on.

For future plan is photo challenge like picture 3 beers of the same company, picture German beer etc…

There are still many things to do and we still need a lot of members. We need to look serious with the big community before we can contact companies and ask them to join. Maybe companies will get a blog and they can explain about brewing more detailed but of course, they will not give exact recipes.

sounds cool. i like the idea of surveys and questionnaires. i am sure some companies might be interested, in order to perfectionize their beer according to data from their beerconsumers.

keep going!

Yes we are thinking the same. In a few days, the company could get some good feedback about their beer. Or even if they would survey people what kind of beer they would like to try next.

Thanks for the interest in project :slight_smile: