Need help downloading code blocks

Hello Im trying to download code blocks but its telling me its not available at sourceforge does anyone have a link?

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Hi there.
Here is a link. It should definitely work.

I assume your downloading code blocks for c/c++ development?. Codeblocks is great its what i used to get started when learning C. Once you dont mind the ugly UI. However there are other great options such as Codelite and visual studio 2019. I actually currently use sublime for c/c++ since i just like the sublime editor if your intrested i could send you a video that shows to to set up a c++ dev enviornemnt in sublime. Takes 2 minutes

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that would be awesome thank you, Im actually using code blocks right now and its UI is kind of not so user friendly, so yes I can try sublime.


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Here is the video.

Let me know if you have any issues. You should be fine though.

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Great thanks, really appreciate the help. :grinning: