Need help to create governance token

Hello everybody!

I am newbie in blockchain industry and i dont have any skills in programming, but i understand that blockchain will revolutionize the world.
My background is in traditional business and now i want to start implementing blockchain technology to new projects because i want to be part of creating that revolution.

As mentioned, my skills in programming etc. are so bad, so i sure could use some help from you guys!
First thing where i could use some help is to create governance token.
Token will be used in project that will bring advantages of decentralation to peoples everyday life.

If you are interested to share your expertise and want to know more, please let me know.

P.S. sorry for mistakes in text. Unfortunately my english is not so good…

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The good news is that so much of blockchain is open source.
I’m not sure where the 1Hive governance token, Honey, is, but if you browse around the 1Hive Discord server and the various GitHubs, you should be able to find some examples and maybe some guidance.

Also, if you search “governance token code” several repositories should pop up in your results, and you can take your pick.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blockchain!

Your English is quite good, btw.