Need help to solve UX in Crypto?

I’m looking to work with awesome tech/biz folks who values and needs help to solve the User Experience of Cryptos to make it much more accessible to the mass market.

I believe we’re still in the DOS era of Crypto and we will enter the Macintosh era when we can make it easy enough to understand and use for most of the population.

Please reach out if you have the same interests/vision. Happy to chat more!

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Hi @ElaineAnn - I agree that user experience is crucial to making blockchain adoption widespread and successful.

Here is a frontend blockchain training program that I recommend:
Full Stack DApps -

If you’d like to explore collaboration on any specific projects, feel free to send me a DM. Happy to chat and explore the possibilities!


Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your reply and also for the recommendation on Full Stack DApps!

I also noticed you were asking this question about WeChat contacts in Asia below.

My biz have been helping Western Tech companies in HK/China for the past 18 years,, so we are quite familiar with WeChat and even if we don’t, we might have connections who do. In fact, I think current Crypto purchasing needs to be as easy as WeChat for it to reach mass market, but it just needs to be decentralised.

Currently I am looking for the right people first, then we can identify a specific project. Since we’re in User Experience industry, we can clearly identify where the hiccups are based on users’ point of view.

Would you like to chat sometime over Zoom?


In today’s Academy Q&A, @ivan suggested we network with Asian blockchain investors on WeChat. What are some relevant WeChat contacts and/or groups we can join to connect with the Asian blockchain community?

Also, I’ve been looking to launch this CryptoUX Training Course in Hong Kong (as a financial center) in Feb, of course the pandemic blew up and derailed our plans:

Just wanted to throw this out here too and see if any folks interested to learn how to:

  1. Develop products with Product-Market Fit early on
  2. Validate product concept with the market without having to waste lots of time investing in coding
  3. Minimise burn rate of investors’ money by accelerating your product success in the market