Need Help with job interview questions!

Hello dear Evangelist!!!

i just receive a job offer in crypto company thank to my education I got from Ivan and the academy.
they send me couple of question that I’m struggling to find the best answer for them.

i will happy if you can help me to answer them correctly.


My understanding is that a ranging state is normally better for traders as it offers more predictability in purchasing and selling conditions - it’s easier to determine highs and lows as it is is ranging between those values, so it’s easy to say ‘its high so sell’ or ‘it’s low so buy’

The chart indicates a narrowing range, known as a triangle or narrowing wedge Shown in blueimage

The red bubble they have highlighted is a breakout to the upside from that narrowing wedge and is a buy signal. Buy, buy, buy!!!

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Hi, i’m not an expert but : market makers provide liquidity and make money with the spread. So… trading range are better i think as they put limit order to sell over the price and a buy order bellow.
If the candles unfold in the circle, i’d put a sell order around the green line and a buy order bellow the lower red one.
For a greedy one… he could manipulate the price (push the price higher to exploit the stops of traders and trigger a trend)