Need more exchanges for NYC!

Hello Friends,

I live in NYC and it has been very difficult for me to buy cryptocurrencies through exchanges. I wanted to use Binance and Bybit for trading but most exchanges won’t even let me use them in New York requiring them to have bit license.

The only exchanges I have been able to successfully use is Coinbase, coinbase pro, and gemini. I have difficulty getting many of the altcoins due to them not being available. If anybody has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey @axiomatictor. I’m not from NYC so I don’t really know any centralize exchanges you can use. But if you really want to buy altcoins you can use decentralized exchanges like UNISWAP. You just need to buy ether from your coinbase account and swap them with any altcoin that you want at UNISWAP. The only disadvantage is the gas fee which could be very high most of the times. So you should wait until there are not so many transactions so wont be needing more gas for your swap.