Need to find a good crypto trading environment that works in USA and in my state

Hi, gentlemen and ladies. I am from Florida in the United States. I wish to trade crypto currency (BTC, ETH, and alt coins) in a safe and secure way - preferably from PC since phone apps are not safe. I have tried coinbase (horrible fees and terrible service - and they basically stole some of my money from a wire transfer) and tried to use Binance but my state (Florida) will not allow me to trade or create account with them. Can you recommend a good, safe crypto trading app or program that someone in United States can use that is good/secure and has reasonable fees?



I feel your Coinbase pain, I unfortunately started w/cb and looking for alternative.

Have you reviewed

ByBit (I’m in FLA too) won’t let us, but Phemex & seem to allow USA. I haven’t set up any other accounts w/anyone else yet, just passing this link along.

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Thanks, Matt - no I didn’t look at his deals yet but i will now - i have only been in this academy a couple of days and am just learning what is available here - i am a total newbie to crypto. I probably should try out the Phemex and trading platforms, as you suggested. I don’t know why Florida (and the USA) is particularly so restrictive to crypto trading - as many other states/countries don’t seem to care.

Thanks for your help

Do you know if Tradestation or EToro are any good - i wish someone on this forum would really review all these sites and give their ratings and pros/cons of each. You would think just finding a good trading platform would be easy - but apparently it is not and there are many pitfalls if you pick a bad one.


Unfortunately I don’t know what to suggest, newly signed up here and technology is my background, trading is very new to me.

Maybe “Your Personal Student Counselor” could suggest a platform based on your needs and experience, haven’t started a rapport w/mine as of yet, however, this sounds like a subject that would get the conversation started???

That is probably a good suggestion, Matt. I will try that approach.

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