NEO having some major red flags?

Hi all,

I just read this post on github and as a non tech this sounds a little scary… I thought maybe you guys can or want to say something about this one?

It basically says that NEO has some major red flags:

  • only having 13 nodes --> rather centralized
  • only 6 smart contracts launched, with red puls and aphelion being quite scetchy.

maybe ivan - you want to talk about this?

Thanks guys… :smiley:


That’s a great article…thank you Sebilation for sharing it!

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The Answer from Malcolm:


A good article and response. I went from hating NEO and then back to slightly in favour of buying a small amount.


indeed good article @eddz… When cyrptos are teaching me something, then, to learn all there is to learn about it in order to be able to make my own assumptions and conclusions. Thanks for sharing the link.
–> And I didn’t mean to FUD at all, I just wanted to know how other people see that article.


@sebilation no FUD assumed. If you did not post that article we would not have seen the response. Now we all have a much better understanding of NEO.


true haha… thanks.
by the way, this youtuber goes into some details and has quite some understanding : mike b

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Nothing comming up for: Mike b search. Can you link?

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sure here his latest video

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NEO team is silent for a while. They dont care about customer or investors. They need to change their marketing strategy as well as community management.